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Add Your Own Custom Domain Name Claim your stake in the world wide web. Register your very own web address and have it automatically configured to work live on the web with your website in minutes. Ready to get started. Custom Email Addresses – NEW Let your customers know your business is legit with custom email addresses to match your custom domain. Choose from 100’s of completely customizable designs While our competitors limit you to changing a few lines of text and a couple of images on the same boring template already being used by hundreds of others, We provides everything you need to create a completely original web design that truly conveys the value of your products and services.  Look Stunning On iPhone Android And Other Mobile Devices Websites built with work perfectly on the iPad, iPhone, Android, and other mobile devices. While competitors allow you to create dumbed down versions of your website to fit on mobile displays, your website will be displayed in all it’s grandeur on all mobile phones, tablets, and more. Make Your Site Go Viral With FaceBook, Twitter, And More – NEW Add Social Media Buttons to your website to allow your website visitors to follow you on Twitter, Like your website on Facebook, Plus 1 your site on Google+ and more. Hundreds Of Font Styles Now Available – NEW We have now added the ability to choose from hundreds of beautiful and unique font styles for the text on your site, allowing you even more flexibilty in designing your website. Add Forms To Your Website allows you to create custom forms of all types for your website. Now you have the ability to gather contact information and build that client list you always wanted. Customizable Form Fields Now you can create custom fields …

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